Br. Kenneth Hosley, O.P.C.
Br. Kenneth, O.P.C.
Calligrapher, Iconographer, Photographer

Br. Kenneth, O.P.C.

Calligrapher, Iconographer, Photographer


About Me

As an urban monk in the Episcopal Church, art as a form of religious expression is very dear to me. I have studied calligraphy for over 20 years. The meticulous nature of the craft has made it a perfect form of conteplative prayer for my spiritual growth. Over the past several years, I have begun writing icons as well, expanding my mediums of expression for relgious devotion. In the realm of photography, I seek to capture a view of the world through a contempaltive's eye. Celebrating God's gift of creation, each picture is a glimpse into the wonder of the Spirit this is all around us.

Many pieces of my work, in all mediums, are on display in churches and private collections.

Commissioned Work

In addition to the pieces I have done following my own inspiritation, I have done a number of commissioned works as well. Prices for these range greatly depending on the size, detail and materials used for the piece. Please feel free to email me directly to discuss creating a commissioned piece.

Gilcee Reproductions

While commissioned and orignal icons and calligraphy begin at $75.00 and go up from there, archival giclee facsimiles are also available.
Giclees are professional art gallery reproductions mounted on board which make them beautiful and lasting while being a bit more affordable than originals.
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